Sole Trader Monthly Fee from $250+GST

Limited Company Monthly Fee from $300+GST

Partnership Monthly Fee from $275+GST

Perfect for GST-registered businesses who don’t have the time or the desire to keep up with their back-office accounting needs. Our monthly package includes:
Bi-monthly GST Returns

Two monthly filing of GST Returns with IRD. We do all the work and just tell you how much (if any) to pay!

Bi-monthly Profit Report

After filing the GST return, you will be provided with a Profit Report for the period with comparatives so you can see how profitable you are!

Monthly Bank Reconciliation

All bank accounts on Xero are reconciled monthly to keep everything up to date.

Year-end Financial Accounts and Tax Returns

Using all the information collected from you throughout the year and some additional information needed at year-end, Olive will produce your year-end accounts and tax returns for no extra charge.

Ad-hoc Support Queries

Olive doesn’t charge for disbursements, office expenses, or any client communication queries. It means you don’t have to worry about how much a phone call will cost you!

Companies Office Annual Return - if applicable!

If you’re a limited company, you should know you file returns in two places – IRD & Companies Office. The Companies Office Annual Return lets them know you’re still actively trading, that your contact details are the same, and that you have the same people running it 🙂

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Perfect for those businesses who are happy left alone throughout the year and just need to tick that statutory box at the end. You can be GST-registered or not, on Xero software or not, it doesn't matter!
Year-end Financial Accounts and Tax Returns

Sole Trader from $650+GST

Limited Company from $1,500+GST

LAQC/LTC from $800+GST

Rental Properties from $550+GST

Partnership from $800+GST

$80+GST per hour for any ad-hoc support needed throughout the year

Company Formations - $350+GST

Ideal if you are a sole trader looking to transition to a limited company, or new in business wanting to discuss the best entity type for you. You will be provided with a Certificate of Incorporation, IRD number and all relevant documents. If needed, you can also be registered for GST and/or as an Employer.

Xero Setup for new Xero Organisations - $250+GST

Whether your business is new or established, at some point you will grow to need to transition to an accounting software. The set up within Xero includes organisation details, GST, Payroll, link to IRD, invoice templates and more. Multiple users can be added for staff and business owners.

Businesses who employ administration staff or who aim to have a dedicated back office person need to become proficient in Xero to be able to use it to the best of it’s ability. Training can be provided virtually through Zoom, or in-house for additional cost.

Bookkeeping and Internal Processes Reviews - $250+GST

Sometimes when you’ve been left to your own devices, you aren’t certain that what you’re doing or how you’re doing it is even right. Bookkeeping reviews come with plenty of tips & tricks on how to make your life easier using whatever bookkeeping method you use. Game plans are established for moving forward, and I’ll let you know if I think you could be doing things much better!

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